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Call Out Service

Crystaltech has a proven track record of responding to out-of-hours calls and an excellent first time fix rate, to ensure that essential warewashing equipment is fully operational with the minimum downtime.

With engineers working seven days a week, a 24/7 helpline and a high first time fix rate, you can rest assured that any downtime is kept to a minimum.

We offer ongoing and emergency service and repairs for all commercial warewashing appliances.

Replacement Equipment

Our policy is to carry out a cost effective repair and, as a non-sales operation, we do not try to write-off existing equipment in favour of a new sale.

We will give an unbiased cost of repair and will inform our customers as to whether or not we believe that the equipment is worth repairing.

Results based fix

“Do you have problems with lipstick residue, poor drying, excessive foaming, streaking,
brown film, pink/beige/black inside machine or frosted effect on glasses?”

As a warewashing washing specialist with 35 years hands on experience, Crystaltech Services UK Ltd is the market leader when it comes to solving your glasswashing and dishwashing results problems.

Whether your problems are flat beer, dirty glasses, cloudy glasses, etching or drying related we are able to recognise the root cause and offer a practical, cost effective solution.


Reverse Osmosis

Crystaltech has developed a ‘Reverse Osmosis’ system which pushes pure water through the warewashing system. As a result the wash cycle requires fewer chemicals at a lower temperature to deliver perfect results. This can reduce the need for cleaning chemicals by 70%.

Rapid Hygiene Monitoring

Glass and tableware should be visually free of residues after the cleaning process.  However, visual assessment is only one of the tools to judge if a surface is clean.

Traditional testing for microorganisms/bacteria provides more information but this is related more to the effectiveness of disinfection rather than cleaning and results take weeks to be analysed in a laboratory environment.

All Crystaltech engineers use a new rapid hygiene testing system which delivers results within minutes and on-site.  The swab test can detect if a warewashing machine is not cleaning to the expected standard and is therefore safe to use.

The bioluminescence test for adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP) has been developed to measure the effectiveness of cleaning as it measures ATP from both microorganisms and from product/surface residues and is therefore a reliable hygiene test.


Renovating glasses using a chlorine based chemical is now the accepted method of periodically decontaminating glasses and removing the proteins and soils that build up on the glass over a period of time. These contaminates have a detrimental effect on the presentation of drinks and are often the reason for poor head retention (Flat Beer).

Crystaltech do not sell or distribute chemicals. However, we recognised there was a need for a new product for renovating glasses which would be easier and quicker than the existing powder products.

In conjunction with a number of the large chemical companies, we developed a liquid Glasswashing Renovate. Implementing this system is simple and safe and saves many hours of operational time.

Client case studies

“We have been working with Derek from Crystaltech for over 35 years and in that time he has helped us to achieve award-winning clean glass results across the Fuller’s estate.”

Emma Watts, Trade Quality Manager – Fuller’s.


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Crystaltech holds all industry recognised accreditations, memberships and guarantees including:

Derek Maher, Crystaltech Managing Director, has been awarded Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) registration.
This is the highest level of professional registration available for environmental practitioners.