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Servicing of
commercial glasswashers
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With 43 years experience, Crystaltech is the UK’s largest independent warewashing service company

UK’s No. 1 Choice

We are the UK’s largest independent warewashing service company and pride ourselves in the close working relationship we have with our customers.

43 years and

Crystaltech was formed by Derek Maher in 1980 to specialise in the service and installation of commercial glass and dishwashers.

We're proud to achieve a high first-time fix rate

With engineers working seven days a week, a 24/7 helpline and a first-time fix rate, you can rest assured that downtime is minimal. We offer ongoing and emergency service and repairs for all commercial warewashing appliances.

Industries we cover


Pubs & bars

A dirty glass can ruin the taste and appearance of the finest wine or beer and customer perception is critical at the point of delivery. Sparkling clean glasses can be achieved through the right level of chemicals and temperature. Fitting a Reverse Osmosis system through Crystaltech can revolutionise glass washing in the pub environment as well as removing the need for time-consuming hand polishing, post wash.


Serving the heart of the UK’s vibrant hospitality sector, we offer premium warewashing services for businesses across this industry. We ensure your kitchen equipment operates at peak performance, maintaining impeccable cleanliness and hygiene standards. In the demanding hospitality environment, down-time of a machine can cause major issues for service, and we can send an engineer within 4 hours.


We specialise in servicing and maintaining dishwashers and sterilisation equipment critical to medical facilities. Our dedicated team ensures your equip ment operates flawlessly, meeting stringent industry regulations and infection control standards. All Crystaltech engineers use a new rapid hygiene testing system which delivers results within minutes and on-site. The swab test can detect if a warewashing machine is not cleaning to the expected standard.


Larger retail stores require larger warewashing machines for both customer and staff food service sites. Lack of down-time in retail is key. Crystaltech provides a 24/7 helpline with a nationwide rapid response time and a high first time fix rate. Crystaltech currently works with a major food retailer and has provided substantial savings through removing the need for preventative maintenance and moving across to lower wash temperatures and less chemicals.


Within the leisure industry in the UK, Crystaltech offers tailored warewashing solutions to gyms, spas, and recreational facilities. We understand the unique needs of this sector, ensuring that your kitchen equipment, including dishwashers and glasswashers, functions seamlessly. As well as fixing the initial problem, all Crystaltech engineers are trained to overhaul the entire machine to bring it up to optimum working order to prevent further issues and deliver a results based fix.

Contract catering​

We provide specialised warewashing solutions to contract catering companies, ensuring their commercial kitchen equipment operates at its best. Whether it’s in corporate cafeterias, educational institutions, or one-off events, we help contract caterers maintain impeccable standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Our focus is allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional dining experiences to your clients and their guests.

Restaurants & cafès

We understand that each eatery is unique, and we have our own unique solutions designed to keep your kitchen running efficiently, allowing you to focus on delivering top-class cuisine and exceptional dining experiences to your guests. Reducing any down-time of a machine within this environment is critical, which is where Crystaltech’s rapid response time is vital to get warewashing machines up and running with a results-based fix.

Facilities management

Our warewashing solutions are integral to maintaining hygiene and efficiency in facilities such as office buildings, shopping centres, and industrial complexes. We provide comprehensive servicing and maintenance for dishwashers, glasswashers, and kitchen equipment, contributing to the overall functionality of the facilities we serve. We don’t just fix the problem – we give the machine a complete overhaul to ensure it is working to full capacity and delivering perfect wash results.


Crystaltech’s expertise extends to a very wide range of industries. Our commitment to excellence and hygiene knows no bounds. If your industry requires reliable, professional servicing for commercial kitchen equipment, we’re here to ensure your operations run smoothly and efficiently, no matter what sector you belong to. We fix all makes and models of machines and with nationwide coverage, can reach multiple sites with the same rapid response time.

We install and repair all
makes and models

Extensive parts inventory

With over 40,000 parts in stock, Crystaltech is equipped to handle a wide range of repair needs promptly and efficiently. Our diverse inventory ensures that we have the necessary components to address various equipment and system requirements.

High first time fix rate

Our skilled team of technicians boasts a high first time fix rate, meaning that they are adept at diagnosing and resolving issues accurately on the first visit. This efficiency saves time, reduces costs, and minimises disruptions for our clients.

Over 60, DBS certified engineers nationwide

With over 60 engineers nationwide holding DBS certification, our company offers a network of highly qualified professionals. This certification ensures that our engineers have undergone rigorous background checks, making them trustworthy and reliable for on-site repairs and maintenance.


Our focus is on delivering results-oriented solutions. Instead of temporary fixes, we strive to identify the root cause of the problem and implement comprehensive solutions that prevent future occurrences. This approach ensures long-term reliability and complete client satisfaction.​

Fast response

Our commitment to swift service ensures that our team responds promptly to customer inquiries and repair requests. By minimising delays, we aim to minimise equipment downtime and ensure that our clients receive timely assistance to keep their operations running smoothly.​

On-site bacterial tests

By conducting bacterial tests directly at your site, we provide immediate results, enabling our technicians to quickly diagnose and address any bacterial contamination issues. This efficient process eliminates the need for sample transportation and laboratory processing, reducing downtime and improving overall response time.​
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