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200 Degrees Coffee - Artisan Coffee Roastery and Coffee House Chain’s Story

200 Degrees Coffee, a small batch coffee roaster based in the heart of Nottingham, is dedicated to supplying ethically sourced wholesale coffee, equipment, and barista training nationwide. Founded by three friends with a shared passion for coffee and a collective 40 years of experience running cafes and restaurants, the company takes pride in its commitment to excellence.

In addition to artisanal batch roasting at the roastery in Nottingham, 200 Degrees Coffee has expanded its horizons by establishing two coffee shops with concessions in various garden centers. The flagship coffee shop, housed in an historic 17th Century inn in Nottingham city center, was set up in 2014. The most recent addition is located below the Grand Hotel on Colmore Row, in the bustling commercial district of Birmingham.

“At 200 Degrees, we believe that the perfect cup of coffee is not just about taste; it’s about doing things the right way, and that philosophy extends to everything we produce.”

— Tim Moss, Roast House Manager, 200 Degrees Coffee

Ensuring Spotless Serviceware for the Perfect Coffee Experience

For 200 Degrees Coffee, serving excellent quality and flavorful coffee is only one part of their dedication to providing an exceptional customer experience. Equally important is how the coffee is served and the cleanliness of the serviceware. However, poor dishwasher results at several coffee shop sites led to the laborious practice of handwashing items before loading them into the dishwasher. This extra effort was necessary to maintain high cleanliness standards and uphold the coffee shops’ reputation for excellence.

With over 1300 cups of tea and coffee sold daily across their three sites, the coffee machines need to handle fluctuations in volume during peak times and tackle various types of food and drink residue on cups, cutlery, and crockery.

About 200 Degrees Coffee

  • Sells over 1300 cups of tea and coffee daily
  • Sources ethically produced coffee
  • Operates Coffee Shops in Nottingham, Birmingham, and Leeds
  • Provides nationwide Barista training

The Crystaltech Solution

Upon an initial site visit, Crystaltech’s expert team identified the root causes of the wash result issues. These included machine setup problems, poor-quality baskets, and the need for pre-washing everything. Crystaltech’s engineers delivered tailored solutions for each specific site and provided valuable advice on best practices to maintain the dish and glasswashers in optimal condition for the future.

To address the challenges effectively, Crystaltech offered a free trial of a new chlorinated chemical that not only improved results but also reduced energy costs, leading to heightened customer satisfaction. During the visit, Crystaltech engineers conducted a rapid-results bioluminescence test before and after implementing the fixes. The test demonstrated a remarkable improvement in wash results using lower temperatures, eliminating the need for pre-washing and saving valuable staff time. Crystaltech collaborated with 200 Degrees Coffee’s current chemical supplier to stock the recommended product range, proven to be more effective.

Benefits of using Crystaltech

  • 24/7 call-out service
  • High first-time fix rate
  • Fast response time
  • Results-based approach
  • Installation and servicing of all models
  • Over 55 qualified engineers nationwide
  • 40,000 parts stocked
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • On-site bacteria test

Ready to elevate your coffee shop experience and ensure spotless serviceware? Choose Crystaltech for exceptional warewashing solutions, unparalleled customer service, and operational efficiency. Let us be your trusted partner in providing the perfect coffee experience for your valued customers and contact us now to experience the Crystaltech advantage first hand.

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