Crystaltech Reverse
Osmosis Saves
Time & Money

With the profusion of natural-light infused pubs & bars and a rise in the popularity of cocktails and gin based drinks, glassware has never been under such scrutiny. Serving drinks in dirty glasses could have serious implications for the reputation of your business as not all customers will complain, they just won’t come back! As well as looking visually appealing, glassware has to be sparkling clean or it can affect the taste and appearance of beer or wine and poorly maintained glasswashers are one of the main sources of cross contamination within pubs and restaurants.

With the pub environment in mind, Derek from Crystaltech has developed a reverse osmosis (RO) system which pushes purified water through the wash cycle, resulting in the need for fewer chemicals at lower temperatures to deliver perfect results and without the need for hand polishing glasses post-wash.

RO can reduce the need for cleaning chemicals by 70%, therefore making it a much more energy efficient proposition. Lower wash and rinse temperatures also mean glasses don’t retain as much heat and, as we know, a hot glass warms the beer and impacts a customer’s experience.

Benefits of using an RO system with a dish or glasswasher:
  • Substantial cost savings
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Enhanced total system performance
  • Scale reduction
  • Spot-free rinses – no need for polishing post wash
Case study:

The problem of hard water in London had been causing residue on cleaned glasses at The Mad Bishop & Bear pub in Paddington, London. To resolve this results issue, Crystaltech installed a Reverse Osmosis system, combined with the right level of chemicals. Each site is different and therefore, Crystaltech take a results based approach to ensure each customer is happy and glasses are left sparkling!

“Our glasses come out of the glass washer, spotlessly clean every time, removing the need to polish them before they go behind the bar. I can’t recommend using Crystaltech, highly enough.” Helen Wilson, General Manager, Mad Bishop & Bear.

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