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Simon Parry X Crystaltech Case Study – Buying a Dishwasher is More Than Just Buying a Stainless-Steel Box

Maidaid’s public sector manager, Simon Parry, recently thanked Crystaltech Services UK while attending a commissioning visit with a customer, December 7th 2023. Speaking at the time, Simon said “Commissioning complete. Thank-you Crystaltech for your time and expertise.”

What has always been obvious to us here at Maidaid is how important it is to ensure commercial dishwash machines are set up and installed correctly. Installation is vital for the smooth overall running of an operation – hence why we are so proud to work with Crystaltech.

Simon went on to discuss how it is the small details that are crucial when delivering this kind of training so that end users to gain the most success from their Maidaid machine.

“It’s the simple things such as the correct levelling of the dishwasher, ensuring tabling works, and that baskets slide freely. That’s before we even get to checking detergent, rinse aid, dosing levels and water softener settings.”

Due to Simon’s extensive industry experience, his training offers expert advice on how a business can reduce the cost of unnecessary call-outs and improve dish and glass washing results. Experience in this area can significantly assist facilities management to handle call outs to site more effectively. Through training, it enabling call handlers/users to identify simple problems that may not require a call-out.

Good training is not just about machine operation, but also all the extra hints and tips for maintenance and everyday use. Types of chemicals, how to rack correctly, (smallest wares at the front of the rack the larger wares at the back), shutdown and cleaning are all important factors in looking after your Maidaid machine.

Meanwhile, why Crystaltech? They are the UK’s largest independent warewashing service company who pride themselves on the close working relationship they have with their customers. Maidaid are proud to work in partnership with Crystaltech and offer the top tier customer service that Maidaid have become so famous for. In this instance, Simon completed the visit with Crystaltech who offered the end user complete support.

Buying a Maidaid dishwasher is more than just the stainless-steel box. It’s about the service and support, years of experience, and extensive industry network that comes along with it.

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