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The Mad Bishop and Bear Fuller’s Managed Pub – Paddington Station, London: A Real English Pub

The Mad Bishop & Bear, situated on the first floor of Paddington Station, is one of Fuller’s managed hsites from its impressive 400-strong estate. This spacious pub boasts traditional mahogany fittings, ornate decor, an extra-long bar, and an impressive selection of eight real ales on tap. Far from a mere station lounge, it embodies the true essence of a genuine English pub.

The pub’s unwavering commitment to superb standards has earned it several prestigious awards, including West London CAMRA Pub of the Year 2015/16. Furthermore, its General Manager, Helen Wilson, was rightfully crowned Fuller’s Master Cellarman of the Year. This esteemed accolade acknowledges exceptional cellar standards and outstanding beer-keeping. To achieve this honour, pubs must score 90% or higher in four consecutive assessments, leaving no room for even the slightest flaw, such as a smear on a pint glass.

Paddington Station, bustling with around 20 million commuters passing through annually, sets the stage for The Mad Bishop & Bear, making it a thriving hub of activity.

About The Mad Bishop & Bear

  • Serves 800 – 1,000 customers daily
  • Offers 8 real ales on tap
  • Features a traditional British menu
  • Boasts a 20m long bar
  • Provides seating for up to 150 people

The Crystaltech Solution

The challenge of hard water in London was leaving residue on cleaned glasses at The Mad Bishop & Bear. To address this issue and ensure impeccable results, Crystaltech devised a tailored solution by installing a cutting-edge Reverse Osmosis (RO) system. This advanced system employs pure water in combination with precisely calibrated chemicals. At Crystaltech, we believe in a results-based approach, ensuring each customer is delighted, and every glass sparkles with cleanliness.

“The glasses come out of the glass washer, spotlessly clean every time, eliminating the need to polish them before they go behind the bar. I can’t recommend using Crystaltech highly enough.”

With the RO solution, the amount of chemicals required can be reduced by up to 70%, and wash temperatures can be lowered, significantly enhancing the energy efficiency of glass washers.

Benefits of using Crystaltech

  • 24/7 call-out service
  • High first-time fix rate
  • Fast response time
  • Results-based approach
  • Installation and servicing of all models
  • Over 55 qualified engineers nationwide
  • 40,000 parts stocked
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • On-site bacteria test

Join the ranks of satisfied customers like The Mad Bishop & Bear and elevate your establishment’s warewashing experience with Crystaltech. Our expert team is at your service, delivering prompt solutions and unparalleled customer satisfaction. With our dedication to excellence and innovative solutions, we ensure your glassware and dishwashing results exceed expectations. Contact us today and witness the Crystaltech difference in action.

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