Coronavirus – latest
situation from Crystaltech

As a business at the forefront of cleanliness within the catering environment, we are monitoring and evaluating the coronavirus situation on a daily basis and taking advice from our association partners CEDA/CESA to ensure we are fully prepared for every eventuality as a business and are still able to deliver vital services to our customers.

We are currently advising our customers to move over to a chlorinated wash chemical, where possible, which covers a variety of cleaning and hygiene challenges, particularly as its high disinfectant properties ensure cross contamination is prevented during the washing stage.

All of our 60+ nationwide team of engineers have been fully briefed to adhere to the latest official guidelines for site visits, to ensure the health and safety of our customers is upheld, particularly at sensitive sites such as care homes and hospitals.

Please contact us on 0370 350 2424 if you have any concerns or want any advice.

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