Crystaltech on Tour

Crystaltech takes communication with its 55+ engineers very seriously and undertakes a regular road tour across the UK to meet up with them.

“Being in touch with our workforce face to face ensures there is consistency across the board and we are able to verify that all accreditations are updated and that everything is being followed to compliance. The meetings also give us the opportunity to get any feedback from our engineers to help improve our services,” says Derek Maher, Crystaltech’s MD.

This year’s road tour has just taken place with meetings held over five days in Peterborough, Newcastle, Livingstone, Preston, Bristol, Guildford and finally London.

Crystaltech’s team of highly qualified and comprehensively trained, DBS certified engineers are employed on a full time-basis. Crystaltech does not subcontract its service work to other companies meaning it can achieve a consistently high level of customer service.

Book a service call on 0370 350 2424.

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