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Crystaltech Solves Obscure Flat Beer Problem – East London Pub

A ‘discerning drinkers’ free-house pub in East London, which is part of a group of pubs with 20 sites, had been experiencing flat beer and problems with fobbing, which were affecting the taste and appearance of the beer and leading to a significant loss of custom. The traditional establishment in Hackney is known for its selection of craft beers, with 11 out of its 15 taps pouring beer from London-based brewers, and 2 taps dedicated to really quirky, harder-to-find beers – ‘Beers of Intrigue’.

One of the supplier breweries conducted an initial investigation of various possible causes of the problems at the pub, including trialling new and old glasses, changing the gases, and checking the equipment in the cellar. However, they were unable to pinpoint the source of the issue. Consequently, they sought the expertise of glasswashing specialist Derek Maher from Crystaltech.

Derek Maher, founder of Crystaltech, is a glasswashing expert with over 39 years of hands-on experience in achieving flawless wash results with all makes and models of warewashing machines. As an industry expert, Derek and his team are passionate about achieving perfect results and carry out consultancy work with Cask Marque. They also ensure that leading pub groups like Fullers and McMullen’s achieve award-winning clean glass results across their entire estates.

The Issue – Flat Beer and ‘Fobbing’

As the leading specialist warewashing service company, Crystaltech is the market leader in solving warewashing results problems – even the most obscure ones, like this particular case. Initial tests on the glasswasher revealed some operational issues with the equipment, and it was found that the pub had been using an inferior wash chemical. However, this was not the cause of the fobbing.

Fobbing (when beer is dispensed with too much foam) is usually a sign that either the lines are not clean or there is some kind of contaminant acting as a nucleus for bubbles to form around the impurity.

The cleanliness of the pub’s cellar was of a high standard, and so the Crystaltech engineer used ATP Bioluminescence Rapid Hygiene testing equipment to measure levels of bacteria. This allowed them to zero in on the problem, which turned out to be airborne bacterial contamination in the hose and line used to fill the container.

The Solution

Crystaltech promptly replaced all the lines and hoses with food-quality ones and recommended keeping both the lines and hose outside the cellar to reduce the chances of contamination in the future.

The glasswashing machine was correctly set up with a glass renovating system, and the pub was advised to use higher quality detergent and rinse aid chemicals for optimum glasswashing results.

The effect was an immediate resolution to the problem of flat beer and fobbing. The new chemicals enabled the lowering of wash temperatures, and as a result, the cleanliness of the glasses and beer dispense is now near perfect.

Crystaltech possesses the technical resources to detect even the most obscure glass and dishwashing issues, ensuring minimal downtime of machines and providing optimum wash results for sparkling clean glassware.

“I have worked with Derek from Crystaltech for many years and knew that, with his wealth of experience and determination, he would establish the cause of the problem and find the best solution. It has been six weeks since the problems have been resolved, and we now have a happy customer, and their trade has picked up again,” commented a representative from the supplier brewery.

Benefits of using Crystaltech

  • 24/7 customer service line
  • High first-time fix rate
  • Fast response time
  • Results-based approach
  • Installation and servicing of all models
  • Over 60 qualified engineers nationwide
  • 40,000 parts stocked
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • On-site bacteria test

Ready to experience the Crystaltech advantage for your warewashing needs? Don’t let flat beer, fobbing, or any other glass and dishwashing issues disrupt your business. Our team of highly qualified engineers is available 24/7, 365 days a year, armed with cutting-edge solutions and a results-based approach to deliver sparkling clean glassware and optimal machine performance.

Take the first step towards excellence in warewashing solutions and improved operational efficiency and contact Crystaltech today for a fast response, high first-time fix rate, and pure peace of mind.

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